IT Security Services

What is IT Security Services?

You have a business to run, but how often are you chasing after IT problems instead? Systems are down and work stalls. Worse, a hacker attacks your computer, ransomware locks the data, or a virus spreads like wildfire – and there is nothing you can do to stop it!
The computers, the lifeblood of your business, instead clot productivity and threaten precious data.
You need a company that turns IT gloom into a worry-proof system of devices that hum merrily along. And when problems arise, they are fixed in a snap – usually before you realize there was even an issue.

You need all-in-one IT provider to solve every problem, keep you on the leading edge of technology, and make your systems impervious to hackers and malware.
That answer is Matthews IT Security Services. We are experts in technology, and have staff to handle all your computer needs and fix problems as they arise. If you have an IT person or department, we can work alongside, or we can be your entire department – with one low monthly fee! 

Downtime is a business crusher. If customers cannot get in touch, they go somewhere else. The average cost of one minute of downtime is a staggering R90000! While your losses may be less, it is money you will never get back.

• Lightning Fast Recovery from an Outage
• Up-to-Date Secure PCs and Servers
• Computer Monitoring Spots Issues Before they Become Problems

With our protections in place, outages are the rare exception, rather than the rule. In the uncommon event your system goes down, we will leap into action. Our experts fully control your impacted devices remotely, and have you up in running in minutes rather than hours or days – without data loss. Viruses are wiped clean, data locked up by ransomware recovered, and hackers repelled.


Most hackers compromise systems that are not up to date. Software is constantly patched, or fixed by their vendors. If these patches are not installed quickly and properly, the systems running them are sitting ducks for viruses, malware, ransomware and breaches. Our company patches all your software promptly, completely, and without you needing to lift a finger.
Chances are no one is watching all of your computers looking for signs of trouble. Our technicians keep a careful and constant eye, monitoring each device for performance issues, hard drives near capacity, abnormal behavior, and signs of viruses or cyber-criminals.